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27 October 2023
Mainz, Germany
EU Brokerage Event on KETs in Horizon Europe 2023

How a partnering event works?

1. Registration

From registration to the event, there will be regular e-mail updates explaining what you need to do next.
Please note that your participation will be first validated by the organisers before being visible on the platform. You will receive a final confirmation after the validation of your profile. Only with a on-site confirmation, you will be allowed to participante on-site as the number of people is limited to 200.

2. Set up a profile

Create a meaningful and strong profile which will raise your visibility to others on this platform. Make it clear and concise. Your profile should describe who you are, what you can offer potential partners and who you want to meet. A good profile will significantly generate more meetings. Please keep in mind that your profile will be live and visible even after the event.

2.1 Your Cooperation Profile on "Marketplace"

You can state what kind of technology/product/expertise you are offering, what kind of cooperation you are looking for and which ideas you would like to discuss with potential collaboration partners.

All cooperation profiles will be published online and will be for everyone to see. You can change your profile any time.

3. Request meetings | Starting on 1st of September 2023

Be active not reactive. Browse published participants profiles and send meeting requests to those you want to meet at the event. Adding a meaningful remark why you are interested in a meeting will increase the chance that your request will be accepted. Accepted meeting requests will be scheduled automatically.

Due to the long term Matchmaking option of this brokerage event, on-line meetings can also be scheduled after 28th October 2023 for a duration of 2 weeks. Participants need to select the option in their availability.

4. Prepare a Workshop presentation | Deadline: 22nd of October 2023

Prepare your own slides to present your project idea or expertise within a workshop. Depending on the number of presentations in the workshop you have about 5 to 10 minutes.
Please use the provided template, which can be downloaded under "download resources".
Send the presentation to the main organiser (m.wessel at fz-juelich.de) before the 22nd of October 2023.

5. NCP Corner

During the event, several NCPs (National Contact Points) will be present and advise you on your project idea or proposal (free of charge, confidential).

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Location Favorite Parkhotel Mainz
Organised by
Participants 322
Meetings 483
Türkiye 91
Germany 72
Spain 56
France 30
Switzerland 13
Ukraine 6
Greece 6
Czech Republic 6
Belgium 6
United Kingdom 6
Poland 6
Portugal 5
Denmark 5
Italy 5
Lithuania 4
Ireland 4
Finland 4
Austria 3
Norway 3
Hungary 3
Armenia 3
Israel 2
Estonia 2
Georgia 2
Tunisia 1
Costa Rica 1
Romania 1
Netherlands 1
Iran, Islamic Republic Of 1
India 1
Slovenia 1
Viet Nam 1
Sweden 1
Canada 1
Luxembourg 1
Croatia 1
North Macedonia 1
Total 356
Profile views
Before event 7781
After event 1570
Total 9351